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Online Process 2021

Welcome to Glenstantia Primary!

Mr HPJ Pretorius Principal pretoriush@glenstantia.co.za

After 2020 we have so many reasons to be hopeful and excited about what the future holds. 2021 brings new energy and opportunities. 

We remain committed to our Vision of “Holistically developing our learners towards excellence.”Even in trying times we are grateful to our loyal and committed staff for ensuring that our learners are provided with the best education possible.
Our theme for the year is “Work Hard, Dream Big!”  Surviving Covid-19 academically as a School will only happen if we put in a lot of effort and Hard Work! The hard work is necessary before the Big Dreams can be turned into reality. Our aim and vision is not just for our learners to pass their current grade but for them to excel in what they are doing. This can only be achieved if we work together as a team, teacher, parent and learner, working together.  Let us Dream Big.

Our core Values remain the foundation we build on, as they are the building blocks for life. We continue to promote and uphold them and instil them in our learners.  We want to create a happy environment for all stakeholders.
Another reason for us to be optimistic is the celebration of our 40th Anniversary this year. The School has a rich history of change and growth. We remain hopeful that we will be able to celebrate this milestone with the necessary festivities.

May this year be remembered, not as a Lockdown year but as a Break Free year where we reach new heights and fulfil our dreams!

May we continue to Strive Joyfully in 2021.

Mr H Pretorius


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We are committed to excellent academic results and a happy environment for all stakeholders.


We will holistically develop our learners towards excellence.


The holistic development of young people to be ready for active participation in the community.

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Our Resources

Every learner attends Computer lessons during school hours. During Breaks they can do research on assignments.  Extra English, Afrikaans and Maths are also offered for learners in the computer classrooms after school in CAMI programmes.


All learners and staff members must sign the school’s electronic policy. This is to safeguard the learners and staff members from exposure to unsuitable and unacceptable material.

eTuckshop System

This system is not run by Glenstantia Primary School

Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions relating to this Electronic System

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The Media Centre is open to all learners during breaks and after school until 15:00. Media user guidance and information skills are taught once a week during the normal school timetable.


When text books are issued to learners they are expected to look after them during the year and hand them back in good condition, therefore only hard sided suitcases are permitted. Books which are lost must be replaced or a replacement fee/fine must be paid to the Finance Office.  Text books not handed back in a good condition will be fined.


Newsletters are updated more regularly under the News Tab (on left) and on the D6 Connect app, we urge all parents to please download the school communicator/connect for more instant and up to date information.

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