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The admission policy of the school is determined by the School Governing Body, in terms of the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996, and may be revised from time to time. At present it is as follows:

First time admission for Grade R learners:

Grade R learners admission age: A child must be 6 years (e.g. born November / December) or turn 6 between January and September in the year of admission.

First time admission for Grade 1 learners:

Grade 1 learners will only be admitted in the year in which they turn seven. Children who turn six before the end of June will be placed on a waiting list and will need to produce a school readiness certificate before being admitted to the school. Seven year old children will receive preference.

Placement Assessment:

Grade 1: Placement assessments will be done for all applicants to determine the entry level of the learners, thereby ensuring a fair distribution of abilities within the grade.

Other Grades: Placement assessments are needed on occasion to determine in which grade the learner must be placed.

Documentation Required (for all admissions):

- Unabridged Birth Certificate or identity document of learner
- Proof of residence
- Parents identity documents
- Immunisation certificate
- Foreign learners: Study Permit or Temporary or Permanent Residence Permit
- Latest report
- Transfer card (if coming from another school)
- Proof of physical address: Since it is the moral obligation of the school to provide education firstly for learners within the immediate vicinity of the school, proof of physical address will be required prior to registration and acceptance at the school.

Glenstantia Primary has adopted a policy of open education, but as the medium of instruction is ENGLISH, a learner’s command of the English language must be of an acceptable standard. The learner must be in a position to benefit from the education provided by the school.

A learner’s education will be maximized by parent support of the school and communication between parents, educators and learners is encouraged.

Emphasis is placed on the partnership between all those involved with the education of the child. Enrolment at the school implies unconditional acceptance of the rules and criteria within this document, including the obligation to pay school fees in terms of Section 39 ' 54 of the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996.