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The main function of the PA is to raise funds for extra unbudgeted items which help to improve the facilities at the school. As a secondary function the PA plans a few social events to allow the school community to meet and mingle.

In general the PA meetings are planning meetings where ideas are shared and tasks are allocated to spread the load. Each person contributes what they can in time and effort. Many parents do not make it to all the meetings but work in the background (e.g. securing sponsorships and discounts from suppliers) for the various PA activities. The PA meetings are currently held once or twice a term from 18:30 - 20:00 in the staff room on a Wednesday. The organisation of the Annual Autumn Fair may require a few extra meetings to ensure all the pieces are in place for the big day.

The function of the class representatives is to provide a link between the PA and their class, through phone calls, class notes, sms or email (supported by the school). The aim is for every class to have a class representative. This doesn’t require too much effort and if every parent could contribute a small amount of time there would be much less for the few who always seem to be called upon to help. Being active in helping at the school not only assists the school but also provides the parents with a greater insight into the functions and programmes around the school.

We invite all parents and guardians to come and join us at our next meeting which takes place on a Wednesday evening from 18:30. Please see News and Dates for next meeting date.

Parents Association Email Address: 


Class Representatives are a crucial part of the PA. We are asking the parents to please volunteer at the begining of the year. Parents may join the PA at any time throughout the year. The PA are grateful for any help.

Remember: ‘Many hands make light work’

The roles and responsibilities of being a class or grade rep

    • Attending PA meetings on behalf of the class / grade
    • Grade reps and class reps co-ordinate with fellow parents in the same class / grade
    • Co-ordinating of other parents with various events such as go-kart day, for sponsorships and donations
    • Organising of parents to assist on event days
    • Assisting the PA in getting correct information out to all the parents
    • Brain storming for fund raising events
    • By being involved with in Parents Association, means you being involved with your child and have their best interest and the schools best interest at heart.
    • Meet new parents and help us to make a difference.