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The Community Fund was established on the 1 May 2002 by the observations of previous learners to Glenstantia who felt a need to reach out to the Community that we serve. It started out as a children helping children program that had evolved to the extent of the need for a committee the following year to progressively structure the fund.


The establishment of a fund-raising forum to directly or indirectly assist the community learner in times of need and support.

“The Community looking out for the Community”


The Fund is self sufficient and raises funds independently. The fund raising activities need to be specified and approved in advance by the Community Fund Commitee and the organising body involved in the event.

Funds raised at school events may not accrue to the Community Fund unless this was proposed and approved before the event took place.


The Community Fund Committee panel consists of, but not restricted to, a member recommended by the School Governing Body from each of the following:
– Governing Body Member appointed as Chairperson of fund
– Executive Member (Principal or other SMT member)
– HOD Life Orientation
– School Psychologist
– Treasurer

Requests for assistance:

All requests for assistance that are of monetary value in excess of R500 are investigated and decided upon by the Community Fund Committee. All requests and grants are subject to audit by the external auditors and the School Governing Body Finance Committee.
All day to day requirements, i.e food, clothing, petrol, etc. may be requested by any of the Community Fund committee panel and agreed to by the Chairperson if the need is valid.


Advancement of the community learner includes, (but is not limited to) assistance for:
– Education (additional or special)
– Sporting achievements
– Trips arranged by the school
– After School Care
– Cultural achievements
– Medical requirements and or expenses
– Subsistence, i.e. groceries, electricity, water, etc.
– Feeding scheme at school which may include breakfast and lunch
– Educational tour
– Sport or cultural activities