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OUR Governing Body 2021!




1. Mr S Ngcobo Parent Member
2. Mrs S Khan Parent Member
3. Mr A Spaumer Parent Member
4. Mr P Mudumela Parent Member
5. Mrs J Mtila Parent Member
6. Adv. F Mzilikazi Parent Member
7. Mr Pretorius Principal
8. Mrs M Espag Teacher Representative
9. Mrs M Lance Teacher Representative
10. Mrs T Reddy Teacher Representative
11. Mrs V Jacobs Non-Teacher Representative

School Governance 

As the school is a Section 21 school, it has total responsibility for its finances, with the exception of salaries for certain educators. In order to fund the expenditure, school fees are compulsory. The amount and the date for payment are determined by the School Governing Body and are revised from time to time. Parents experiencing any difficulty in this regard must, without delay, contact the school in writing.

Learners must be registered by April each year to ensure a place in the school the following year. Registration forms and fees must be handed in to the office by the due date as set by the Gauteng Department of Education.

All money sent to the school must be sealed in an envelope which is clearly marked with the child’s name, class and the purpose for which the money is submitted.  The money must be paid directly to the Finance Office and a receipt obtained.

Subsidies are available to those parents who qualify for them. Forms and further information are available from the Finance Office, in terms of the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996.

About the Glenstantia School Governing Body:

The management, control and executive power of the school rests with the School Governing Body. The Body is appointed in terms of the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996 and the regulations in terms thereof. The School Governing Body consists of the following members: the school’s Principal, six parents elected from the parent body, three elected educators, one community member and one non-teaching staff/administrative member. School Governing Body members are elected for a period of three years.

This Body controls all aspects of the school, with the exception of specific professional educational aspects. The good governance of the school depends on the commitment and expertise of the parent members. The duties of the members of the School Governing Body are as follows:

  • to promote the best interests of the school and ensure its development
  • to adopt the Constitution and Mission Statement of the school
  • to decide on a school policy
  • to adopt a code of conduct for the school
  • to assist the principal, educators and other members of staff in the performance of their duties
  • to administer and control the school property, buildings and grounds
  • to make recommendations on the appointment of educators and non-educators
  • to determine the school fees/funds through the resolution passed by parents
  • to serve on sub-committees, e.g. Financial, Strategic Planning, Sport, etc.