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Each learner is expected to take part in one summer and one winter sporting activity, as well as one cultural activity, from the various sports and activities arranged at the school in the afternoons. Every learner receives an extramural timetable at the beginning of each term. Sportsmanship forms part of a child’s education irrespective of his/her sporting abilities – participation develops team spirit.

Extra English, Afrikaans and Maths Lessons are also offered after school. Parents who receive a letter for their child to attend these lesson should ensure that they attend. These lessons, if requested to attend, are vitally important and should take president over all activities.

Parent support is encouraged but parents are requested to set a good example by not interfering with the duties and decisions of the coach, referee or umpire.

Athletics, Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Table tennis, Mini-Tennis, Mini-Soccer and KFC Mini-Cricket – the latter two are organized by parent committees.

In order to promote greater participation and improved levels of performance, Glenstantia Primary offers the following sports disciplines at academies over and above the official extramural timetable:

Soccer – terms 1 to 4

Netball – term 2, 3 and 4 (run by a private organization)

Swimming – term 1 and 4

These academies are self-funding, and learners are therefore required to pay to join. Our enthusiastic and well-trained coaches ensure both enjoyment and performance.

These include Recorder, Instrumental groups, Drumming, Drama, Art Club, Choir, Computer Clubs, Scripture Union, Science Club, Scrabble, Chess, Sew-Easy, Katy-Pop, Media, Robotics and Lego.

Please see the Extra Mural Timetable for the latest co-curricular activities on offer as they change from time to time depending on the season, interest expressed by the learners and if a teacher / coach is available.