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Glenstantia Primary School is an English Medium Fee-paying Public Primary School situated in Constantia Park Pretoria.

At GPS, English is our language of learning and teaching and Afrikaans is our First Additional language.

Here we believe in the holistic development of every learner to achieve their full potential.


The school will supply learners with the necessary stationery which is included in the school fees.
The school provides all Grade 4 to 7 learners with a School diary.

Learners are encouraged to utilize the diary to keep track of homework, assignments and important dates.


The Second-Hand Shop at Glenstantia Primary School is a place where lost property items, as well as donated items, are given a new purpose. Donated items are washed and made available for purchase at affordable prices.

By purchasing from the Second-Hand Shop, you not only have the opportunity to find affordable items but also contribute to the betterment of our school community, supporting sustainability, reducing waste, and giving lost and donated items a second chance while also supporting our school’s initiatives.



Glenstantia Primary School prioritizes the holistic development of our learners by expanding learning beyond the confines of the classroom. Organizing educational overnight tours and day trips for learners in Grades 3 to 7 serves to complement and enhance the curriculum while encouraging social interaction among peers in environments away from the school premises.

These overnight tours are voluntary and self-funded. Parents are informed well in advance and are given ample notice to prepare financially.

The overnight tours range from 2 nights for Grade 3, 3 nights for Grade 4 and 4 nights for Grades 5 to 7. These tours are not only an extension of the classroom but is also an excellent opportunity for learners to interact with their peers away from school. The teachers also have an opportunity to connect with the learners in a relaxed environment.

Moreover, the inclusion of 2-3 educational day trips per year for learners from Grades R to 7, covered by school fees, further enriches their learning journey. These excursions offer practical, hands-on learning opportunities that complement classroom teachings. In summary, Glenstantia Primary School’s commitment to experiential learning extends beyond academic enrichment to foster personal and social growth in our learners.

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