Glenstantia Primary makes use of the E-Tuckshop system, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance convenience, security, and eefficiency in managing your child’s daily meals and snacks at school.

With the E-Tuckshop a learner’s fingerprint serves as a secure and convenient way to make purchases within the school premises. This innovative system not only eliminates the need for carrying cash but also significantly reduces the risk of theft among our learners, ensuring a safer environment for everyone. We’ve partnered with Lunch hub to bring parents a seamless experience, allowing parents to pre-load funds onto a learner’s account, review purchase history, and monitor their spending eeffortlessly.

Apart from ordering food, we also carry a range of school uniforms and maintain a well-stocked second-hand shop. We encourage you to contribute any uniforms that your child has outgrown. This not only provides affordable options for your growing child but also allows us to assist struggling families within our school community through these donations.
Additionally, the Tuck Shop provide party packs as a service. While we do accept outside party packs, it is more convenient to let us handle it for you and have it delivered directly to your child’s class. Order forms can be accessed through the link below.

Please note that all orders must be submitted and paid for at least one week in advance.
For more information please visit the lunch Hub site at:



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